Printing of woven and knitted fabrics

Printing machine REGGIANI REVOLUTION is available for printing knitted and woven fabrics.

It is an eight-colour machine, therefore, there can be up to 8 colours in one pattern.

We print with pigment, reactive and dispersion dyes in width of up to 190 cm.

An important criterion in the design of a new pattern is the size of repeats.

Possibilities of repeats:

Customers have the option to specify a template to manufacture their own patterns - an exclusive pattern, it is used solely  for one client (the owner of the template).The second option is to select one from of nearly 200 designs owned by Intercolor. In this case the customer does not pay for the template, the pattern, however, is not used exclusively for the one client.

We print these types of knitwear and fabrics:

Printing straps, ribbons and elastics

Printing is performed on a film machine STORK MBK - 4-colour.

We print the following products:

Technological printing options:

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