Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation


In 2014, the company plans acquisition of new technology of continuous washing line for fabrics treatment.

The project aims to exchange washing line technology from 1975 for new equipment with automated management features and a high level of energy savings. The new equipment will expand the possibilities of further assortments processing, for which the current device is unusable.

The project's goal is to increase competitiveness, improve the quality of treated textiles, extend the range of services provided (technical fabrics, pre-treatment for printing, special fabrics for military purposes, for the Automotive program), increase capacity, improve labour productivity, reduce energy costs (water , electricity, gas), positive impact on the environment (lower load of wastewaters, reducing emissions from the combustion of gas).

PROGRES program

In 2012, Intercolor purchased coating equipment for woven and knitted textiles treatment.

The range of provided services was extended with the application of a number of modifications increasing the utility value of textile materials and expanding the possibilities of their application (eg. waterproof, fire-resistant, metallic, non-slip, anti-microbial, increased abrasion resistance, prevention of the transmission of light, quick drying, ensuring high permeability, increased resistance to UV radiation or heat, etc.).

Coating is performed with technology that has not yet been used in the Czech Republic, using rotational templates. Paste, but also foam can be used for coating.

Applicable coating types: polyurethane, polyaclerate, polyelectrolyte, latex, including the application of fluorocarbon.


Joint Regional Operational Programme

On 8 June 2006 INTERCOLOR signed a funding agreement number SR / 2006/0262 with JROP for "Purchase and renovation of property, purchase of new technology to extend production program" project.

As a part of this project the company implemented:

  1. acquisition of movable and immovable property from SAN VALENTINO, a. s.
  2. renovation of premises in which a division for ironing of finished products was established
  3. partial reconstruction of premises for bleaching, dyeing, and treatment

On 2 February 2007 INTERCOLOR signed JROP funding agreement under the grant scheme of the Joint Regional Operational Programme supporting entrepreneurship in selected regions, agreement identification number CES: SR / 2007/0016. It is a regulation of the mutual rights and obligations related to the implementation of "Continued reconstruction - the fabrics division".

The project was implemented in three stages:

  1. STAGE - Reconstruction of dye division I, dye division II. and part of the treatment division
  2. STAGE - Reconstruction of administrative buildings and building security.
  3. STAGE - Reconstruction of boiler rooms, equipment for water treatment and technological distributions

End of the project was set for 31. October 2007.

PHARE programme

PHARE 2003 Program

In late 2006, INTERCOLOR completed a development project, whose aim was the purchase of a three-cylinder foulard with individually regulated cylinders clamps.

This project was funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise

DEVELOPMENT 2004 Program

In 2004 Intercolor made a significant investment in "Dyeing Process Automation Management System".

As part of this project, processing equipment providing automatic measurement and dosing of dyes and chemicals for the entire dyeing operation and treatment was installed.

A specific feature of this technology is an automated production process, which results in supporting growth of labour productivity and eliminating human error with commonly used manual weighing and measuring of dyes and chemicals, cost savings in weighed and metered dyes and chemicals, increase in production quality while ensuring the dyeing process runs according to the prescribed recipe, improvement in production parameters and reducing the amount of rework in case of inaccurate weighing of dyes or chemicals, reducing the total effect on the environment and improving the working environment.

Modernization of the dyeing technology is significant for the company's clients in increasing the quality of dyed products, colour consistency of each fabric and the overall quality of the fabric after the final treatment. This system has not yet been applied in the Czech Republic.

Modernization of dyeing technology with improved parameters and production quality helps to achieve the highest possible standard among comparable dyeing technologies used in the textile industry.

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